An Uncertain Grave

Readers who prefer to avoid gore will find this traditional mystery a good fit — and for those collecting New England crime fiction in particular, AN UNCERTAIN GRAVE is a must. I look forward to more from this author, and especially to more about the State Troopers she’s conjured into position on her Investigative Services Bureau in one of the wilder sections of the Granite State.
— Kingdom Books
I read this book in a day, that’s how good it was. The characters were believable and interesting, the locations were described really well and yes I would most definitely buy another book that Cathy wrote. Thank you for a great read Cathy!!!
— Tina W.
Great debut novel by author Cathy Strasser. Not only is the mystery intriguing, but the writing is top-notch... the characters come to life, and some of my favorite parts were the descriptions of New England. This book is highly recommended.
— Lee C.
What an incredible story. Having worked in Franconia, NH for almost twenty years, I felt like I knew the characters personally and couldn’t stop reading! The characters seemed so REAL! I don’t usually read mysteries but I couldn’t put this one down. Great read.
— George S.
This is a very thoughtful and detailed first crime novel. The characters are credible and I was impressed with the depth of the characters and the care and detail utilized with respect to the setting as well as the procedural processes. It was easy to visualize the terrain of the mountains and the flavor of the local business establishments. I thought the relationship between the two police officers served as a great source of humor to provide some lightness to offset the seriousness of the murder. The use of first person for the antagonist made me feel like I had a ringside seat to his personal thoughts which was effectively ominous and scary.

All in all, a well written and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading the next one.
— Kindle Review

An Unexpected Corpse

This book is a strong second story in the White Mountains Mystery series. Ms. Strasser continues to do a wonderful job describing beautiful New Hampshire and making the reader feel like they are there. She has also done a great job developing the main characters and their relationships. She had me guessing to the very end. I’m definitely looking forward to the promised third installment.
— Amazon Reviewer
Best mystery series since PD James’ Inspector Dalgliesh and Donna Ball’s Raine Stockton! These mysteries are suspenseful page-turners with engaging characters and enough clues to keep the reader guessing whodunnit. I spent the first 40 years of my life in the region covered by Cathy Strasser’s series, and she has captured the strengths, struggles, and quirks of north country communities with empathy and humor. Real-life challenges, geographic accuracy, and a sprinkling of cameos by real people and local establishments brings the fictional tale to life. I’m looking forward to the next one!
— Joe F.