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A stray hiker reports finding a partially decomposed body on Mt Lafayette in the “North Country” – the top third of New Hampshire around and the Franconia Notch – where the rugged terrain and sparse population provides the space and isolation to keep any number of secrets. Cliff Codey and Mike Eldrich – New Hampshire State Troopers with the Investigative Services Bureau – set out to solve the case in spite of the weather, reticent locals, and a bored, nosy New York reporter and his ambitious girlfriend who compete with the troopers to discover the victim’s identity. As the investigation widens, both teams contend with a variety of local residents who have secrets they don’t wish to share. A shadow from Cliff’s past soon intrudes on the current investigation, complicating matters further. All these threads combine as the killer prepares to take action to keep his secret and himself safe.



In the second of the White Mountain Mysteries, the investigative team of State Troopers Cliff Codey and Mike Eldrich are summoned once again to the scene of a murder out in the "North Country" of New Hampshire—that sparsely settled area north of the Franconia Notch. A midnight distress call comes from an old acquaintance of Cliff's named Duane, reporting he's found a body during a late-night hike. While not the brightest bulb in the pack, Duane has no trouble determining the man is dead after observing the large gunshot wound to his chest. Complicating things further, the body is lying in the field of the town's nastiest family, famous for their temper and tendency to fight at the slightest provocation.

Cliff and Mike set out to identify the victim and his killer while being both helped and hindered by a host of local characters. They need to keep a sharp eye on the information they're given, since several suspects have secrets they don't want to share. And as so often happens in the North Country, who you know can be as important as what you know in solving a crime.


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