Why I Can't Write In Public

I have author friends who talk about going to a favorite coffee shop or library to do their writing, but that can never work for me. It has to do with how my characters interact with each other and their environment.

A major strategy that helps me get words onto the page is “acting out” what my characters are doing. If Cliff and Mike (the NH state troopers who are the main investigators in my books) arrive at the scene of a crime, squint up at the trail they need to hike, rub the back of their necks because they are tired, wrinkle their noses at the smell of a passing skunk, and square their shoulders before confronting a witness, I perform all these actions to get the feel of a shirt rubbing against my neck or having to push up a pair of glasses after squinting. This makes for more realistic writing but would get me some strange looks if done in a café or coffee shop.