When Is The Right Time To Write?

It doesn’t exist. The “right time” to write just never arrives. There is always a garden to be weeded, a meal to cook, a room to be dusted, and errand to be run or a closet to be completely overhauled complete with a new storage box system with matching labels (picture) (This was me last summer when I was desperately into intense task avoidance.)

The truth is that the first tough chore in writing is carving time out of an already full schedule and putting writing first. Here are some of the techniques I have used in the past to make sure I’m sitting with my fingers around the computer keyboard:

  • When my kids were younger, I would drive them to their two hour after school job and remain in the car with my laptop while they worked.
  • Once the kids were old enough to drive, take off in the car and find a park to sit in and work.
  • Close my office door and write during my lunch break at work.
  • Find a small, uninteresting and inexpensive hotel for a twenty-four hour writing blitz.
  • Close my office door and stay after hours at work to write.
  • Accept my husbands’ offer to go pick up take-out and write for the forty-five minutes he was gone. (We live in a very rural area!)
  • Write while traveling in the car, on the bus or on the plane. Good earplugs are extremely helpful.
  • When desperate – set the kitchen timer and don’t stop until it rings, even if it’s only 20 minutes. And if the 20 minutes goes well, do another 20!