What I Do When I'm Not Writing

Other than writing – which is my most time consuming hobby! – I have a couple of other hobbies that relax me and keep me sane. The first is gardening. Wherever we’ve lived I’ve had a garden that gave us vegetables through the summer with enough leftover to can or freeze to take us partway through the winter. I can tomatoes, pickles and dilly beans (recipe included at the end of this post) and freeze zucchini, peas, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. I enjoy watching the process of plant, sprout, flower, and fruit.

And – weirdly enough – I love to weed. I find it very soothing – a mindless repetitive activity that gives me time to daydream and develop new plots and storylines.

I also love to hike – something that’s central to my book An Uncertain Grave. I do this for my own exercise and to exhaust my dogs – they are so well behaved after a long hike! Some of my favorite hikes include – names of trails and pictures.

My final hobby – reserved usually for long car rides – is needlework. I flip back and forth between embroidery, which I do pretty well, and knitting, which I relearn every couple of months. I’d really like to be better at it, but I’m gradually becoming resigned to the fact that I will never advance beyond scarves. Although casting on is still a challenge, I’ve mastered the basic knit/purl combination –– but I completely fall apart when I try anything more complicated. The problem is; I can’t resist beautiful yarn. So now I have this closet full of gorgeous yarns and an overabundance of scarves. (picture of yarns and scarves)