What Genre Does Your Book Fall Into – cozy, mystery/thriller, suspense, police procedural…?

Somewhere between humorous cozy and police procedural. I think I might have to make an entirely new category – the cozy procedural? The humorous policer? An Uncertain Grave has many elements of a cozy: small town setting, quirky characters, and no overt in-your-face violence. However, much of the story follows the main characters, two New Hampshire state troopers, through their investigation and that feels more like a procedural. Humor plays a central role throughout the book, including the good humored verbal interplay between the troopers during their investigation.

Using humor in writing about something as serious as murder is a bit of a tightrope walk. You don’t want to sound crass and insensitive, but humor is a tool that many police officers use to cope with a tough and emotionally demanding job.