The Gift of Time

This past week I was given one of the most precious gifts of all. Time. An extra day without any pre-arranged plans or obligations.

Last week twenty inches of snow fell with gusty winds and drifting snow so the school district that I work for wisely decided to cancel school for the day. So I was at home, for an entire day, with time to do all the things I’m usually either too busy or too tired to do. Like….

  • Finish a short story in time to enter a competition. I’m trying something new– telling a story through the letters and emails the characters write. I know others have done this and I always wanted to try it. But since I’m switching viewpoints at least twice on every page, I need a good chunk of uninterrupted time to keep the characters’ voices distinct and original.
  • Get outside and walk with my dogs more than once a day. I love to be outdoors; it relaxes and centers me. Most days I get a brief ten minutes before work and a rushed twenty to thirty minutes afterward. But that day I could walk at my leisure – three times! – and even take some pictures.
  • Wipe down the front of my appliances and buff them into a shine. It bugs me when they look smudgy – ok, so I’m a bit picky – but usually fatigue and other priorities get in the way. (And how does food get splattered on the outside of the microwave, anyway? The inside I can understand, but the outside…?)
  • I’ve read some of the blogs I’ve bookmarked as “interesting to look at when I have the chance” and even made a comment or two! Along the same line, I made a couple of posts on Facebook, rather than clicking a few hurried “likes” as I skim posts on my phone during the last five minutes of my lunch break.
  • Put away the last of the clean laundry from the week before. Somehow, there are always a few line dry shirts or unmatched socks that never quite make it from the laundry room to the closet or dresser drawer. But this week, everything was away and in its correct place. Usually, this only happens when we entertain!
  • Send emails to my family telling them all how wonderful I think they are. I never say it enough.

What would you do with the gift of an extra day?