No Tables For Me When I'm Writing!

I write on a laptop and it has to be in my lap, not on a table. This isn’t always the most comfortable position for several reasons. First, I’m not tall, and my legs are the least tall part of me. So in order for my lap to be level, I have to have a writing chair that is one step up from Kindergarten height or else I’m working on a downhill slide. Not ergonomically ideal. My arms are also on the short side so my fingers fall most naturally on the keyboard when working on my lap.

My laptop is a trusty old Dell with a souped-up long life battery and extra memory. It’s a bit heavy and it produces heat. This is not a problem in the winter – in fact it’s a plus – but it’s a definite drawback in the summer. I’ve tried several “heat shields” such as towels, trays and pillows before finding the solution – one of the absorbent pads used to beside the sink to stack dishes on! It absorbs the heat and gives just enough cushioning while staying level. It’s an odd set of requirements but it works for me. Anyone else have quirky requirements for writing?