Laundry as a Writing Tool?

My writing schedule depends on the time of year. In the summer, when school is not in session and I only work one day a week in summer school, I am a morning writer. I get up, take the dogs for a walk or some outside playtime, then sit down on the front porch with a cup of tea (okay, it’s more of a super tanker). I like to be settled in by eight o’clock. My goal is to work at least until noon.

Once I’m writing, I’m not necessarily glued to my chair. I find, if I get stuck in a scene or stretch of dialogue, that getting up and moving around helps encourage my creativity. If just walking around doesn’t do the trick, I try doing a brief repetitive task, usually laundry. Something about hanging laundry out to dry, matching socks or folding sheets and towels seems to nudge the next step in story into my head.

Of course, the minute I have the solution, I abandon the laundry and head back the computer. So laundry in the summer can stretch out into an all-day chore, but as long as I keep moving through the chapters, I have no problems with that!